Fabrication and Products for The Metal Finishing Industry
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Titanium, Stainless and  Hastelloy Fabrication
for The Electroplating and Anodising Industry...

Equipped with the best technology and over 30years experience in manufacturing and fabrication for the Anodising, Electroplating and other Metal Finishing industries, Platingsupplies is among the best in the UK. 
We carry an extensive list of products and services at the most competitive rates in the UK and europe.
Our large range of clients from factories to jewellers and workshops appreciate our fast turn around, competitive price, friendly service and quality products everytime ! 
A short list of regular item we make includes:
-Anodising jigs
-Anodising baskets
-Anode Baskets and bags
-Heating and cooling coils
-Furnace pots
-Polypropylene bags and filters
-Washers ...
A list of Metals used for fabrication includes
-Stainless Steel
-Mild Steel